Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014 at 8am

MAHF Dragons

Cyrene High

Tent 1   Tent 2   Tent 3   Tent 4   Tent 5   Tent 6

MAHF's mission is to to lead strategic collaborative efforts among the countries of the Maghreb region and other partners in the United States, to promote healthcare equity.

Team Members
Yassine Belkhodja
David Cohen
Sharon Douglas
Vincent Douglass
Yvette Dukes
Karen Hertlein
Derrick High
Casai High
Michelle Konrad
Maurice Lynch
Charnee Murray
John Musgrove
Erin Petrey
Fritz Petty
Colette Petty
Mark Robinson
Rhodora Robinson
Ramona Rouni
Azzedine Stambouli

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